Ultimately, our species’ salvation hinges on mastering extraterrestrial survival; but what of the path we take to get there?

Overcoming Gravity And Fulfilling Our Potential

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We reach for the stars and yearn to seize that great expanse they swim in; yet the solution to world hunger continues to evade us. …

Financial Motives Cause A Fatal Flaw In Long Term Memory

The Failure To Fund Research Over And Over

Photo by Darklabs India on Unsplash

Scientists and politicians have finally decided to sit down to talk about how we’ll evade the next pandemic. The only problem is that we’ve been here before and nothing has ever come from it.

The problem emerges from between two eternal truths:
1. Time heals all wounds, and …
2. politicians won’t…

Khan Would Be Jealous

Bitcoin Tanks, Elon Walks on Sunshine

He did it again.
The man knows how to move the market in the most destructive ways possible. But let me make something clear; if anyone is to blame, it’s us.

Elon Musk, whether he’ll admit it or not, understands that his words and actions have a very visible effect…

If I Owned Skinwalker Ranch …

Here is A Short List of Experiments I Would Conduct

I am enamored with what is going on at Skinwalker Ranch. Though I have skeptical tendencies, I try my hardest to maintain an open mind; given, of course, that there is sufficient evidence to at least warrant a possibility.

Skinwalker Ranch is one such anomaly.

Below, I have prepared a…


The Recreational & Medical World of Quantum Coherence

Author’s Note: This article is a speculative fiction

For the field of condensed matter physics in the early 21st century, the indefinite suspension of a BEC (bose-einstein condensate) at room temperature was, at the time, the impossible holy grail.

In 2013, Ayan Das and Pallab Bhattacharya lead a team which…


What Are We Trying To Tell Ourselves?

The question of a collective unconscious has been both supported and rebuked by modern psychology and sociology. Within its turbulent existence, its definition has been manipulated countless times in order to fit its countless applications. …

“Why, Eckhardt, you ought to think about the future.” — The Joker

A Few Pronouns of Their Own

Lately, I’ve been wondering how exactly our pronouns might change after sentient AIs begin to fill our homes and streets.

Several books and movies refer to their sentient brothers and sisters with the global (yet seemingly derogatory) pronoun, ‘it’. …


The Police and Military May Have Exclusive Contractual Rights To These Long Awaited Neural Implants

NTRĒ has been a hard company to ignore lately. A variety of companies have been promising non-invasive DBMIs (Deep Brain-Machine Interfaces) for nearly fifty years now, each one failing catastrophically. Then, NTRĒ stole the spotlight with an augmented chimpanzee named Elon.

As though the spotlight wasn’t enough, Elon stole our…

The moment I realized pornography was not a sin, the addiction vanished.

The Guilt Cycle: Oppression’s Mightiest Weapon

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

I was raised in a strict Mormon (LDS) household. We went to church every Sunday, we faithfully observed the tenets of our religion, and most importantly, we refrained from anything that was not virtuous, lovely, or of good report.

We were led to believe that deviating from these beliefs repelled…

“I have the best words!”

One Man’s Impact On Your Perception Of Others

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

I love learning. I keep a fairly large rotation of informational and science-based podcasts in queue to listen to whenever I’m not doing a cerebral task.

I was listening to Lex Fridman’s Artificial Intelligence podcast when his guest let loose a string of words that I have often heard come…

Thomas Wright

I’m a software engineer of nearly 25 years. I believe in a better future through technology. I’m the owner & lead dev at Phobos Technologies LLC.

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