Is economic recovery from COVID-19’s devastating blow even possible?

This Is How We Bounce Back

“It is unlikely that our economy will ever fully recover from this crisis.”

You may have heard something like this coming from the mouths of our nation’s foremost experts. Such a notion is terrifying and unsettling to say the least.

The truth is, we have a second option which has been slowly marinating in the fortifying and enhancing super-broths of science for nearly ten years.

“Bullshit” you say, “Then why is this the first I’m hearing of it, and why am I hearing about it from some no-name author on Medium?”

I assure you, this is not a ruse, a hairbrained scheme, or any other such gimmickry.

In fact, I hope that’s the sort-of question that’s running through your mind. Why? Because that means that you’re suspicious of internet content. It also means you ask questions. So, if your next move is to investigate with Google, then you are exactly the sort of person I am trying to reach.

I am the founder and lead software engineer at an organization I’ve built in order to freely give to humanity the means by which we may counter eventualities such as the one we are currently dealing with.

There is zero financial incentive in this for me, or for anyone else. The research and development of the theory, which we will shortly discuss, is being completely funded by other projects and contracts. Whether it succeeds or fails, at no point will it generate any form of capital. This is purely for the welfare and future of humanity. Even here, if the reviews and analyses I plan on regularly publishing throughout this last phase of research generate even the smallest amount of money, that too will just go back into my efforts.

I’ve been digging into books and open courses (ie: The Great Courses, YouTube college courses & lecture series’, MIT’s OCW, Khan Academy, etc.), specifically on the topics of psychology (theories of motivation), sociology, economics, physics (thermodynamics), mathematics, artificial intelligence & machine learning, as well as filling my head full of science oriented podcasts.

The podcasts I’ve pulled into my usual rotation are, Words & Numbers, Making Sense, Hidden Brain, Brain Inspired, Brain Science, Artificial Intelligence w/ Lex Fridman, All In The Mind, The AI Podcast, and LSE’s Public Lectures & Events.

But why?

After multiple first-hand run-ins with corporate corruption, I started with the single question: “Is there such a thing as a social structure that would not only make corruption nearly impossible, but also make it something that people just wouldn’t want to bother with in the first place?”

Then, in 2018 I had a rather profound epiphany that quickly led to a theory I now call, ‘STEM* Theory’.

* We are in no way associated with, The STEM Educational Initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Regarding STEM Theory and its derivatives: The AI STEM Drive, The STEMPrime Researchcast, The STEMPrime Simulation, and other associated projects and terms; Space, Time, Energy, and Matter are the implied associations.

STEM Theory encapsulates a very specific design for a new conceptual social structure which has been wholly derived from time-tested theories and the associated scientific literature.

So what does this have to do with the current economic crisis?

Interestingly, the previously mentioned epiphany brought a great many theories and fields of research together for me.

It was as if I had dumped a jigsaw puzzle on the floor and watched all of the pieces just come together perfectly; each piece just clicked into place.

*click*, *click*, *click* … a collage of concepts rushing in and coming together within the matter of only a few seconds. Every piece just fell perfectly into place as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

In fact, it was so profoundly obvious that it was not my conscious analysis that performed this task, all I can say on the matter is that the science did all the real work; I’m just the person that happened to be there when it announced it.

In this moment I realized that what I was seeing would not only mute corruption indefinitely, but it is theoretically capable of kick-starting post-scarcity in an extremely energetic manner.

Before I begin developing the codebase for the prototypes of The AI STEM Drive (the secret sauce), I must first get a firm grasp on the fundamental sciences. Because I do not have degrees in any of the aforementioned fields (I have over 168 credit hours completed without a single certificate to show for it, thank you very much), I recently began looking for field experts to interview as part of my final research agenda. After all, having a good assortment of professional critiques and recommendations to draw from while I’m working on the models and the simulations is critical to this project’s success.

In a very dark and uncomfortable, serendipitous experience, I began working on The STEMPrime Researchcast only days before the COVID-19 pandemic started.

At the time, like many of us, I thought nothing of it. I had actually anticipated just another bird or swine flu. Now, however, it has become glaringly obvious that if I don’t try my hardest to get this theory in front of the professionals that can help me tease out any issues (to really find out if STEM Theory is what I think it is) then what all those economists have been telling us — the bit about never bouncing back — might actually take root and become our reality.

There is nothing in this for me other than knowing that there is a real possibility that we can achieve post-scarcity.

The “researchcast” is my way of keeping this last stretch of research completely transparent to the public. There are no ads, no spots, no sponsors, nor anything that could even be mistaken as such. Again, this is not a financial venture for me. This is strictly a humanitarian effort. I believe maintaining this position is vital to building a relationship of trust with the public. After all, you wouldn’t let some random person from a crowd work on your vehicle’s engine just because they told you they were a mechanic: and that’s just your vehicle. I wouldn’t dream of asking anybody to trust me with something as complex and so intimately tied to every aspect of our lives as the economy, without first having proven myself trustworthy as well as having proven the viability of STEM Theory.

I hope I have piqued your interest because it is, after all, the public who will surely make the final call.

For the first several months of The STEMPrime Researchcast, I will be outlining the theoretical foundations of STEM Theory and reviewing the supporting scientific literature.

The interview phase will not begin until I am satisfied that there exists sufficient explanations for every scientific principle that is employed by, and necessary to understand, STEM Theory.

After each interview, I will allow a few days to pass in order to structure my thoughts in the form of a response to the interview. Those thoughts and ideas will be published under this particular account on Medium.

The essays will be a thorough analysis of the material covered in the interview. I will pose extrapolations of the interviewees content, additional questions to ponder, and I will do my absolute best to write it in a palatable and entertaining manner.

Thus far I have only obtained a handful of tentative agreements by respected field experts to conduct a research interview. However, as the interview phase draws near, more solid schedules will be negotiated.

This is nearly a decade’s worth of dreaming, pondering, and studying coming to a head. In that time, there was only one moment spent thinking about a way to capitalize on this idea, and that was simply due to a friend having suggested it. If the employed STEM Theory performs as is predicted, it has the potential to exponentially accelerate scientific research and technological advancement.

Not only will endeavors such as building mega-structures (ie: dyson spheres and generation ships) become possible, but humanity will have undergone a metamorphosis into a world-wide population of perpetually self-actualizing individuals.

THAT is why I am doing this.

If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. Aside from the mild ten-year obsession ending in a flush of public embarrassment, there really isn’t a downside. This has been, and continues to be, an amazing learning experience.

But if I am right, then humanity’s toughest challenges are literally one democratic decision away from being shut behind the doors of the past.

We will step out from beneath the shadows of our own biases, hubris, and self-doubt to realize the immensity of our potential. We will leave our birthplace, bearing our tempered unity and immutable resolve. And, to borrow an immortalized phrase from Gene Roddenberry’s magnum opus, we will set out on an incredible journey of discovery into the ‘… final frontier … to boldly go where no human has gone before’.

The stories of future generations will surpass even the most awe inspiring of today’s fiction.

Thomas Wright
Phobos Technologies LLC



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Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright

I’m a software engineer of nearly 25 years. I believe in a better future through technology. I’m the owner & lead dev at Phobos Technologies LLC.